IFS HPC Standard Issue 2 Now Published: Overview of the Main Changes

On April 13 2016, IFS published a second issue of the IFS HPC Standard. As one of the leading certification bodies for IFS HPC, we would like to draw your attention to some of the changes and new requirements in Issue 2.  

The new issue of the IFS HPC standard will be valid from October 1 2016 onwards. However, this does not mean that the new issue becomes mandatory immediately: between October 2016 and January 1 2017, certified sites can choose whether they seek certification according to issue 1 or issue 2. From January 2017 onwards, certification to IFS HPC Issue 1 will no longer be possible. The Standard is available for download on the IFS website here.

Main Changes

The new version of the IFS HPC Standard contains a number of significant changes for certified sites. This includes the introduction of a new scoring system as well a restructuring or rewording of existing requirements. In total, the standard now lists 237 requirements, an increase of 15.

One of the most conspicuous changes is the introduction of an entirely new chapter on Product Defense. The concept of Product Defense refers to the protection of products from intentional acts of contamination or tampering. This may include biological, chemical, physical or radiological agents. However, this chapter is only applicable:

  • To companies which produce or export goods in countries which are subjected to product defense legislation, OR
  • In case of a specific customer requirement

Also new are five requirements related to outsourcing (if relevant), as well as the monitoring requirement for each critical control point, which will serve as a KO-requirement.

In case you missed the DQS Workshop on IFS HPC Issue 2, you can download the presentations with the full overview of the changes here:

  • Revision of the IFS HPC Standard(Helga Barrios, IFS) – Download
  • IFS HPC Issue 2 – The Changes in Detail (Joachim Mehnert, DQS CFS GmbH) – Download

The BRC Consumer Products Standard will also be revised in 2016. Subscribe to our LinkedIn-page to view regular updates and articles on quality management standards & certification.

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Dr. Thijs Willaert is Director of Marketing & Communication at DQS CFS GmbH

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