Stakeholder Engagement: DQS Completes Translation of the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard

Engaging stakeholders is a crucial aspect of sustainability management. In order to facilitate systematic and effective stakeholder engagement, the British NGO AccountAbility published the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard in 2015. With the support of DQS, the standard has now also become available in German language.

AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard GermanWith the publication of a German translation, AccountAbility and DQS aim to contribute to the distribution and adoption of the AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard in German-speaking countries and beyond.  The translation has been created by DQS CFS GmbH and has been peer reviewed by akzente kommunikation und beratung GmbH, before publication by AccountAbility on May 10, 2017.

Commenting on the release of the German translation, Dr. Sied Sadek, Managing Director (CEO) of DQS CFS stated: “At DQS, we firmly believe in stakeholder engagement as an integral part of sustainable success for organizations. We are convinced that the AA1000SES is an invaluable asset to organizations who seek to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of their stakeholder engagement practices. With the translation of the standard into German, we hope to contribute to the further distribution and adoption of the standard in German-speaking countries and beyond.”

The AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard is freely available for download on the AccountAbility website.

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About the Author

Dr. Thijs Willaert is Director of Marketing & Communication at DQS CFS GmbH


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