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So far, more than 58,000 clients have selected DQS as their partner for value-adding assessment services of their management systems. In turbulent times, that requires a good basis of trust – which is why we would like to thank you for investing your trust in us.

Dr. Sied Sadek, CEO

DQS CFS – German Association for Sustainability

DQS CFS GmbH offers objective assessments according to recognized international standards and technical or industry-specific specifications. The company, as a part of the worldwide DQS Group, is located in Frankfurt/Main and handles all certification services concerning aspects of consumer safety and sustainability.

Under the management of Dr. Sied Sadek, DQS CFS focuses primarily on the consumer goods industry, including food and feed, consumer products, textiles and cosmetics. All essential management requirements are covered by an assessment range of about 40 standards and legal regulations asked of today’s manufacturers, logistics companies and the trade throughout the entire supply chain.

Frankfurt am MainFrankfurt am MainFrankfurt am MainFacts & Figures


3  decades of experience

Around 80 offices in 60 countries

More than 2,500  auditors across the globe

More than 58,000 certification sites in more than 130  countries

More than 105,000 assessment days per year

Appreciation in the market

DQS CFS ensures the lasting success of companies by sustained assessments of management systems and business processes. DQS CFS accompanies its customers with innovative assessment concepts according to the needs of the customers up to business excellence. The tried and trusted services focus on quality, risk management and product safety. DQS CFS considers itself as a competent partner of the management providing a significant contribution to the lasting success of its customers.


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