Meet the Management

Dr Sied Sadek DQS

Dr. Sied Sadek - Managing Director (CEO)

Dr. Sied Sadek is Managing Director (CEO) of DQS CFS GmbH and Senior Director of DQS Holding GmbH. Being an auditor for a variety of standards for over thirty years has enabled him to develop a unique understanding of the interplay of standardization, compliance and sustainable success. His main areas of expertise are organizational health, social responsibility and sustainable leadership.

Jan Boege

Jan Böge - Director of Finance and Administration (CFO)

As Director of Finance & Administration, Jan Böge leads his team to make sure that we meet the expectations of customers, regulators and shareholders in all aspects of finance and administration. Before assuming this role, Jan Böge had been Managing Director of DQS GmbH from 2009 to 2012. He is also a much respected social auditor.


Behzad Sadegh - Chief Operation Officer (COO) & Technical Director

Having been a highly accomplished auditor for more than 20 years, Behzad Sadegh is a true expert on quality and sustainability standards. As Director of Sustainability Management and Technical Director, he not only shares his expertise with clients, employees and scheme owners, but also works to ensure that DQS continues to be regarded as a true partner for sustainable success.

Dr Thijs Willaert DQS

Dr. Thijs Willaert - Director of Marketing & Communication

Facilitating the communication and interactions between DQS CFS and its stakeholders: that is the task that Dr. Thijs Willaert and his team have set themselves. The communications team is responsible for the ongoing dialogue with customers and the various channels we have established, such as our social media presence, our newsletter and the customer events.

Daniela Vogt DQS

Daniela Vogt - Team Leader Sales Management

Daniela Vogt and her team are committed to providing new and existing clients with the best possible experience. Whether customers are looking for supplier audits, international certification services or tailormade assessment solutions, Daniela and her team will give 100 % to make it happen.

Ngoc-Kieu Ngu DQS

Ngoc-Kieu Ngu - Team Leader Account Management

Ever since Ngoc-Kieu Ngu started her career at DQS in 2011, customer care has been her main focus. As Team Leader Account Management, her team handles complex global certification procedures on a daily basis, always making sure that our service meets or exceeds customer expectations.