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SMETA 6.0: Sedex updates it Ethical Audit Format

With an estimated 230,000 audited sites, SMETA may well be the most widely used ethical audit format in the world. In order to reflect the ongoing evolution of ethical auditing techniques, Sedex has updated the format: SMETA 6.0 was published in early April 2017. In this article, we will take a look at the main changes and updates in issue 6.0. What …

The Revision of ISO 22000: An Overview of the Coming Changes

ISO 22000, the international standard for food safety management systems, is currently up for revision. The new version, expected to be published in 2018, will bring significant changes for certified sites. As one of the leading certification bodies for ISO 22000, we will inform our clients on the expected changes as the revision progresses. According …

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