HPC 420 Certification

HPC 420 Certification:  The Global Safety and Quality Management System Certification Scheme for Home, Laundry & Personal Care Products

HPC 420 is a certification scheme that aims to ensure the safety and quality of Home, Laundry and Personal Care Products (HPC). It was launched in September 2016 and is driven by a number of global players in the HPC industry, who expressed the need for a credible certification system based on the PAS 420 standard.  DQS is a licensed certification body for HPC 420 and has highly qualified auditors at your disposal.

For whom

HPC 420 is intended for the auditing and certification of HPC safety and quality management systems. It covers the following areas:

  • Manufacturing of Home Care products, such as detergents, fabric softeners, dish washing tablets, etc.
  • Manufacturing of Personal Care products, such as shampoo, lipstick, cotton pads, soap, etc.
  • Manufacturing of (bio)chemical HPC ingredients such as vitamins, additives and bio-extracts
  • Manufacturing of HPC product packaging (either with direct and indirect contact with HPC products)

Structure of HPC 420

The HPC 420 certification scheme is based on the product safety management system requirements as set out in the PAS 420 standard. In addition, the scheme contains requirements regarding quality and legality, which shall be controlled by the quality management system of the organization.  The scheme also details the requirements for certification bodies, in order to maintain the integrity of the system. All parts of the scheme are available for download from the HPC 420 website.

HPC 420: Acceptance within the F4SS AuditOne Framework

HPC 420 is one of the certification schemes that is recognized within the AuditOne Initiative, the harmonized quality process for the HPC industry.  DQS is an approved certification body within the AuditOne framework, ensuring that the audit results will be valued by the market.

Certification process – Here’s how it works

After a successful certification audit, you obtain a certificate with a validity of three year. You are also registered as a certified organization in the HPC 420 directory. To maintain certified status, yearly surveillance audits are mandatory.

DQS – Your Partner for Certification

DQS is your partner for HPC certification. We schedule audits without hassle, rely exclusively on experienced auditors, create added value with intelligent audit reports and guide you through the entire certification process.

HPC 420 Certification

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