IFS Household and Personal Care

Increase product safety and hygiene with IFS HPC, the IFS standard for household and personal care products.

The IFS Standard for household and personal care products, originally published in 2009, has been developed in collaboration with numerous European retailers and trade associations. The standard provides a framework to assess manufacturers and suppliers in terms of product safety and hygiene. Companies involved in the packaging of loose products can also benefit from the standard.

During the certification process, a qualified DQS auditor verifies whether the different components of the quality- and risk management system have been implemented and documented. IFS HPC focuses upon the production process, resource management and risk management.

The standard is particularly popular among European retailers. A second issue of the standard was published in 2016.

Benefits for your organization:

    • Stabilization of customer confidence
    • Stabilization of trading companies in product safety, -quality and -legality
    • Higher product security
    • Lower product liability risks
    • Systematic analysis, implementation of safe and more efficient process cycles in the sense of product security and steering of processes
    • Timely notice of consumer risks concerning hygiene and security of  consumer goods. Definition of appropriate preventive measures.


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