UTZ Certified – Chain of Custody

UTZ Certified – Chain of Custody: The Standard for Sustainable Coffee and Cocoa

UTZ Certified is a program and label for sustainable farming worldwide. The Chain of Custody Standard targets all supply chain actors who wish to trade and/or process a certified product. It aims to provide a high level of confidence that UTZ certified products are physically or administratively related to UTZ certified producers/producer groups, and ensures its traceability.

A yearly audit to verify compliance with the Chain of Custody Standard is necessary if your company meets the following conditions:

  • Legally owns the UTZ certified product(s)
  • Physically handles the UTZ certified product(s)
  • Makes a product claim (B2B or B2C)
  • Handles more than 100 metric tons of cocoa per year / more than 200 metric tons of coffee per year

DQS CFS is approved to certify supply chain actors against the Chain of Custody Standard for cocoa and coffee. Thereby we help you to ensure that your products are traded and handled according to the requirements set forth by UTZ Certified.

UTZ Certified Chain of Custody

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