Code of Conduct Validation

Is your Code of Conduct more than a piece of paper?

It has become common practice for organizations to introduce a code of conduct, but there are only few companies that use this instrument to its full potential. A solid code of conduct is much more than an “insurance” against unethical behaviour of your employees and your suppliers: it is a cornerstone of the strategic management of the organization. When it is done the right way, a code of conduct strenthens  the identification of your employees with the organization and fosters their motivation.

So what is the right way? The implementation of a code of conduct needs to be tracked and evaluated at regular intervals, to make sure it does not remain dead letter. As an audit and certification body, DQS has the know-how to assess compliance with the code of conduct,  to point out potential for improvement and to deliver an independent confirmation of its implementation.

On top of that, opening your doors for our assessors sends a strong signal towards your stakeholders that your organization has absolutely nothing to hide. The assessment thus creates trust between business partners and may in turn open new doors for you.

A validation audit of your code of conduct:

  • confirms the implementation of the code of conduct
  • sends a signal to your stakeholders that you value transparency
  • improves employee identification
  • reduces risks by detecting issues and non-compliances

Code of conduct validation

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