Our Auditors: Success Factor #1

DQS auditors – Expertise around the Globe

In more than 105 000 assessment days per year, our highly qualified auditors serve organizations of every kind. Wether our customers need an assessment and evaluation of a service or system, a certificate or a process evaluation, we have the resources. With our experienced auditors we provide expertise in almost every industry sector.

Our focus stays with the customer, as we deliver value-adding services to enhance our customers’ success.  In addition to the sector knowledge and social competence, the customers respect the auditor´s analytical abilities and proven practical knowledge of standards and processes. Customers located worldwide also appreciate our cross-cultural competences.

DQS Audit Philosophy

DQS audits are a highly individual exchange, where an auditor imparts both his or her personality, a high level of technical competence, and unlimited integrity. A DQS audit is a dialogue between partners of equal standing, in a working spirit that removes fear and allows people to open up.  We do not play at being judge or jury, nor are we schoolmasters or inspectors. Our concern is to share our findings with the organization in a manner fair and appropriate to partners. We want to understand why an organization has chosen this particular road to implementation, and no other. It is also important to us that our customers understand our feedback in turn, and are able to make use of it. 

We do not consider adherence to process requirements to be a matter of course. We make a point to appreciate the efforts of employees and executives. We do not mince words when it comes to mistakes. And in order to promote a culture of continual learning, we help to focus the eye on strengths and potential for further development.

DQS audits provide an organization’s management and decision-makers with certainty about the effectiveness of leadership and change processes.  In addition, DQS audits supply management with expert and clear impulses aimed at the optimal use of the organization’s strengths, their products or services. Audits like this are an investment into the future.

 A good audit is also protection against blind spots. To achieve that, we take into account the individual situation of each separate organization: their special processes, their different needs and levels of maturity, and especially their specific objectives.