A Local Partner with Global Reach

DQS CFS GmbH is part of the international DQS Group with more than 80 offices in 60 countries.

DQS GmbH and UL Management Systems Solutions (MSS) merged at the end of March, 2008. With their alliance, Germany’s first certification body for management systems and the MSS business unit of America’s most renowned product certifier Underwriters Laboratories (UL) achieved a place among the leading certification bodies for management systems in the world.

For the DQS Group, relationships built on mutual trust should be created face to face - which is exactly why we continue to expand our network across the globe. 

Complex, global certification procedures require people who speak the language and know the culture at each site; people with customer proximity and a high level of competence, who can fulfill customer expectations by performing value generating services on site. Modern communication technology can support this – but it cannot take the place of personal contact.